Worst Things That Affect Eyes And How To Avoid Them

Worst Things That Affect Eyes And How To Avoid Them

Worst Things That Affect Eyes And How To Avoid Them

Worst Things That Affect Eyes And How To Avoid Them Are Discussed Below:

Eye strain often becomes a hindrance to working at your computer. You should take preventive measures to stop the strain caused to your eyes. You have to organize a workplace that is functional, have proper light exposure. All these aim at keeping your eyes healthy.

You should be aware that over exertion of your eyes is what causes eye strain. This can be the outcome of reading, working at the computer or watching T.V for long hours. Eye strain will involve pain around the eyes, it can further spread to the eyes, head , back and neck. Dryness and redness of the eye, sensitivity to light, fatigue, headache, blurred vision, difficulty in doing visual tasks, double vision.

Eyestrain will hinder your work though it will not do any permanent visual damage. The causes leading to staining of the eyes vary from one individual to the other. The three main reasons for it are – inadequate set-up of workspace, insufficient and inefficient lighting, and lack of adequate eye care.

Let us examine the ways you can do away with eye strain:

You need to modify your work habits so that blurred vision and painful red eyes do not hamper your normal activities.When your eyes have to read small texts, they are under strain. You have to make the text large. Magnify the letters on the desktop or laptop, so that you are comfortable reading the letters. Make your screen resolution high if you are having difficulty viewing it.Read offline if you have to read a long article. Print it out and then go through it. The reading room should be well lit.

Whenever you are working on a computer, take breaks. You are a human being not a machine. Pull your eyes away from the computer. Take breaks and go to the restroom or have coffee in the office.

Monitor has to be positioned below the eye level. If you stare at the computer monitor, you hardly blink that leads to dryness of the eye.

Relaxation is important as stressed individuals are less productive in the long run. Take both long and short breaks so that your mind can remain calm. Close your eyes, so that they can experience darkness for a while.
Insufficient lighting also produces eye strain. Again excessive lighting irritates the eye. You should adjust the lighting in such a way that is best suited for the eye.

Make sure your your lenses have UV protection. Wear sunglasses outside. Polarized lenses have UV protection and are ideal for eyes. UV light is harmful for the eyes. It causes harm, fatigue to your eyes.
Get a yearly check up done for your eyes. Take a balanced diet. Exercise your eyes by focusing on a near object and then on a distant one. Do not read small letters from a book or watch T.V for long hours. You are allowed to work on the computer but make suitable adjustments so that your eyes are not strained.

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