What Is A Fad Diet?


What Is A Fad Diet:

What Is A Fad DietThere are individuals who on their mission to lose weight, get carried away by the dieting plans that claim that they can make them lose weight quickly and easily. They are encouraged to think that they will get their dream bodies as soon as they start the diet plan. Unfortunately, these diets bring about only changes that are short-lived. These fad diets are not good for long term solution of the problem.

What is a fad diet? How will you recognize one such diet?

If the diet is proclaiming about a magic or miracle food that will promote weight loss. Then it is not to be taken seriously. In the process of healthy weight loss, there is no such super food that can accentuate weight loss. Nothing can actually reverse the bad effects of unhealthy eating and minimal physical activity.

Fad diets are those that announce that they can bring about significant weight loss within a very short time span. Majority of the weight loss with this diet plan is loss of water rather than fat loss. A gradual process of weight loss has proved to be effective in keeping the weight off permanently.

If you come across a diet that promises weight loss without emphasis on exercise, then it is a fad diet. You have to keep a regular exercise regimen to achieve permanent weight loss.

Fad diets suggest the elimination of one or more than one of the recommended food groups. Some avoid dairy products while others eliminate carbohydrates. Not only are they unhealthy, but it prompts the dieters to cheat and binge on certain prohibited foods. Often they do away with the diet program altogether.

A diet which puts too much focus on a rigid menu is considered as a fad one. This diet cannot be followed for a lifetime. A good diet is one that can be made a part of your lifestyle. And can be followed for a lifetime. Fad diets are not adequate in nutritional value. Certainly not sustainable and serves only a short term goal.

Fad diets only make losing weight a difficult endeavour. There is feeling of frustration, failure associated with it. The ideal way to lose weight is to follow a diet plan that will reduce your overall intake of calories and prepare you for an exercise regimen that will keep you hale and hearty all your life.

Good people are trapped by the promoters of fad diets. They promise great achievements, but result is far from satisfactory. They don’t have much concern for your overall well being. Forget about such diets and go in for the normal way to reduce weight. That is eating healthy and doing regular exercise.

If you do these, you will lose weight gradually and will be able to think rationally as you will start feeling better. Fad diets cannot do any miracle in weight loss. You have to put in the right amount of effort at the right time. Soon you will become a slim person, and will remain so forever.

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