Top 5 Health Problems Ruining Your Sex Life

Top 5 Health Problems Ruining Your Sex Life

Top 5 Health Problems Ruining Your Sex Life

When you are overcome with health problems, sex might not be a priority. But, chronic health issues will take away the zeal from your sex life. A few common health hazards are enlisted below that can affect your sex life adversely. Take serious note of these health related issues and address them as soon as possible. Do not neglect your health.

• Diabetes: If the sugar level in the blood remains uncontrolled, sexual dysfunction can be a phenomenon to worry about. Erectile problems are manifested by almost 70%of diabetic males. Diabetes has a direct impact on the nerves controlling the erection of the penis. These nerves do not get proper signals. So erection becomes difficult to achieve and the result is frustration and depression among most young males.

• Depression: Arousal of sexual desire is necessary in order to have a healthy sex life. All desires have their origin in the brain, so the brain needs to be active. If the brain fails to impart signals to arouse those sexual desires; the outcome will be sexual dysfunction. It is unfortunate that individuals with depression are often prescribed anti depressants than can further reduce sexual desires. Try to remain happy and avoid stress at any cost. Indulge in the things and activities you like to be free of depression and loneliness.

• Vascular Diseases: If the blood flow to the genital areas is disturbed by any illness, the result could be sexual dysfunction. So diseases that are linked with blood vessels such as hypertension, hardening of arteries can have an adverse effect on the blood flow and lead to sex related problems in both men and women. In men it is characterized by erectile dysfunction and in women by erectile dysfunction.

• Back Pain: This health problem does not have a direct effect on your sex life. But it can lead to decreased frequency of sex. Spinal problems like herniated disc and spinal stenosis are painful and will interfere with your sexual life. It is best to keep your spine flexible by performing exercise and yoga. Maintaining an optimum body weight is also advisable; in case of spine related problems.

• Menopause: Changes in hormonal levels and their regulation are vital in women to inculcate sexual desires. During menopause, these hormonal levels tend to fluctuate and this leads to certain problems like lack of sexual desire and pain during sex. These problems can be overcome by treatment and counselling. Anemia is also another culprit that can have an effect on your normal sex life. It can affect both men and women simultaneously.

Sex is an integral part of human life. It is necessary to recognize your health problems and seek proper medical intervention; so that they do not interfere with your sex life. Do not overlook your health related problems. A healthy body and mind will keep your sex life rejuvenated. Don’t let your health issues hinder your sex life. You will remain happy and contented by doing this.

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