The Weird Science Behind Why We Cry

Men, women and children, everyone cries. Have you ever wondered why we cry?

There is obviously some science behind this emotion. An interesting theory is surely present and waiting for us to know about it. We human beings are an extra ordinary machine. We show a lot of different emotions in a span of few minutes. Crying is a major part of those emotions.

Crying is nothing but a process of shedding tears from our eyes. This is in response to some emotional state which we are going through presently or which we have been through. It can be a death of a loved one or bidding adieu to your girlfriend when she is leaving the country. Millions of people cry every day.

  • So why do we cry?
  • What is the science behind it?

Our emotional package consists of crying. There is a system in us called the lacrimal system which is responsible for the shedding of tears. You can also think of I as you’re in built water supply. It not only secretes your tears but also acts as an excretory system by draining them. Limbic system is an area of our brain which deals specifically with emotion. This system is wired hardly into our autonomic nervous system.

Crying not only spoils your face but also has a lot of other internal effects. It increases the rate at which the heart beats, makes us sweat, the breathing gets slow and a lump can get into our throat. This happens because of our sympathetic nervous system that activates during a situation of stress or emotional distress for example a breakup. There are three types of tears which are reflexive tears, basal tears and psych tears. Basal tears are known to remove all the irregularities in the cornea. Reflexive tears are cause because of irritants in the eye. Psych tears are produced because of one of the main reasons of crying which is emotional distress.

Babies on the other hand use the mechanism of crying not only to show emotional distress but also to communicate to grownups and adults. An interesting fact is that babies have three types of crying which include the basic cry, angry cry and pain cry.

Crying can also be divided into temporal and spatial. Spatial crying is done when you cry because you want to be somewhere you are presently no. Example of this is office. Temporal crying is done when you look into the future or past. An example of this situation is crying after seeing a picture of a one year anniversary of you ex-wife.

Crying has been proven scientifically to make you feel better. Men tend to cry way lesser when compared to women. Men cry just about 10 times a year while women cry about 40 times a year. Women are said to be more emotional when compared to men. So you just have to know that there is nothing wrong in crying. Wear your tears with pride..

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