What Is The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

What Is The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

What Is The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Best Exercise For Weight Loss :

Now a days everyone is suffering from unbalanced BMI. Now we have  to understand what BMI is all about. BMI stands for” Body Mass Index“. BMI tells you about your healthy weight. With respect to age and height. For every person it is important to maintain his or her BMI to become healthy.  Weight more or less leads you towards unhealthy body.

But now a day, problems related to heavy weight are more rather than Skinny weight. So here we discuss the facts to become healthy or to gain the healthy weight.There are many exercises that you can  follow to gain the healthy weight. And that’s truly your choice what actually you want in what you actually you feel comfortable. So here the  best exercise for the weight loss list goes:

1.Yoga: Yoga is truly a transforming exercise and it also world wide accepted. And this is more beneficial because this doesn’t only work on your body, but as well as on your mind and soul. This helps you to have a healthy weight and with peace of mind. But you have to keep its routine on a daily basis and it will show you the result. It contains asana, pranayama which contain many breath related exercise and many stretching exercises. You heal your inner body as well like lungs breath exercise contains deep breath. You can use setu aasan, mandukas and dhanur asana etc.and the best part of yoga is there is no sweat on your body then also you get slimmer day by day. All you need is fresh air, exercise mat.

2.Aerobics: Aerobics is a fabulous fat burner with a fun including in it. We also name it cardio exercise. We do it from a low strength to high strength. Aerobics uses oxygen to gain the lots of energy in ourself. We do aerobics indoors as well as outdoors. It contains lots of sweat and we feel extremely energetic after doing aerobics. It includes exercises that we commonly know, but never name it as aerobics that are like jump ropes, shuffle jumps, cross punches and jumping jacks as well. its also includes swimming, treadmill, jogging/brisk walking that we know but a differently. All we need is music and space. It may done in a room but we need space so that we do not plough into any article or walls.

3.Dancing: Dancing is one of the favorite exercises of most of the people and its give you creativity, energy and relaxations well. One who loves the beat loves dancing automatically. In today’s phase of life when everything is global then every dancer knows different dance styles, but basically every culture has its own dance form. But most amazing our own Indian culture is a cluster of many dance forms. Form dancing all you need is music and dedication for dance. But once you hit the beat, then you definitely in love dancing. Different form style may contain Dandiya from Gujrat, ghumr from rajistan and hip hop, salsa from western culture.

4.Gaming:Here we do not talk about video games, or xbox or mobile phones. Here we talk about outdoor games like football, basketball etc. games. Games are the best exercise for everyone. Games are full of running, full of sweat. Games are helpful in creating a relationship. It gives you the training of every important lesson that will help you to live your life with full of sportsmanship spirit.

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