The 7 Top Fruits That Enhance Weight Loss

The 7 Top Fruits That Enhance Weight Loss

The 7 Top Fruits That Enhance Weight Loss

Studies have proclaimed that consuming five portions of fruits and veggies is the key to lead a disease free life. Fruits are considered as super foods that are loaded with essential elements that stimulate weight loss. They are high in fibre content, natural sugars and also successfully keep hunger pangs away.

Mentioned below are the top 7 fruits that enhance weight loss:


watermelon is indeed the ideal fruit for weight loss. It has a high content of water- Almost 90%. A 100 g serving of this fruit has only 30 calories. They are full of amino acids like arginine. This burns fat. This fruit not only keeps you hydrated, it keeps you satiated at the same time. This deters you from unhealthy snacking.


This fruit has multiple benefits. It can minimize your cancer risk, keep your teeth dazzling white, give a boost to your immune system; it can combat both diarrhea and constipation. Apple should feature in your diet, if you are on a weight loss venture. Apple of medium size has 50 calories and does not contain fat and sodium.


Portuguese imported this fruit to India. It has several health benefits. It is rich in fibre. It has a low glycemic index. Diabetics can also have this fruit. It is helpful for the weight watchers. Bowel movements become regular with the consumption of this fruit. The overall weight loss process is immensely benefited by this fruit.


Banana is the best food after a workout. It also gives instant energy. It is a healthier option than the snacks like energy bars. It gives protection against muscle cramps maintains a stable blood pressure level. It neutralises acidity and safeguards against constipation.


This is a wonder fruit for digestion. It brings down the cholesterol level, it protects against coronary heart diseases. Safeguards against type II diabetes. The fibre content in it keeps you satiated for a long period of time. It is rich in vitamin C.


It is tasty and 100 g of this fruit has 47 calories. It is ideal for an individual who is in need of a snack while following a strict diet. The sweet cravings of a dieter are satisfied.


It is not a vegetable, but a fruit and it will help you in your struggle for weight loss. They are replete with antioxidants. They are known to reduce water retention. They can reverse leptin resistance. Leptin are those protein present in the body that counteracts with fat loss of the body. However, do not have ketchup as it is loaded with sugar and synthetic stuff.

If you are keen to lose weight, you need to develop a liking for fruits and vegetables. Some fruits are especially beneficial for losing weight. You should know more about them and how they can assist you in your battle of the bulge. Accurate information is essential for getting desired results. Soon you will be within your optimum weight limit.

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