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10 Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking

10 Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking: Saying a big no to smoking is a task of Do or Die. Stop smoking is not that easy as it looks like. One who smokes only knows the pain and efforts it will take to leave it. Numerous sleepless nights, annoying feelings, mental stress, controlling itself includes lots

The Best Running Gears For Cold Weather

As the winter season is at its peak, don’t forget to keep yourself warm and healthy. Generally winters are all about laziness and craziness, but you know you can’t sit idle the whole season. People usually escape maximum of their healthy routines like working out, jogging, etc. But what if you can get some really

Does Exercise Really Fight Depression?

How does exercise relieve depression? Can exercise actually make you feel happy and fight depression? Well research suggests that it can. It is believed that exercise releases certain chemical mediators in our body which give us a feeling of euphoria; certain exercises involve group activities this social interaction could also have appositive influence on our