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Natural Remedies To Last Longer In Bed And Extend Your Sex Time

Natural Remedies To Last Longer In Bed And Extend Your Sex Time: There are many misconceptions we heard daily about the performance of men and women during intercourse. How long the play should be continued before reaching the final climax is the most common question and every youth sees himself in this doubt. What we

How to Maintain Erection during Intercourse

When a male is having problem in keeping the erection during the intercourse we call it erectile dysfunction. Keeping the erection throughout the intercourse session is very much necessary. If you are having erectile dysfunction then you need to stop your love making in between before the climax itself. Now a day’s erectile dysfunction is

5 Habits of Naturally Slim People You Should Steal

5 Habits of Naturally Slim People You Should Steal: Not just to meet up with the pacing fashion, but also to prevent diseases you must be free from extra  ‘fat ‘. Yes, extra fat in our body can contribute to life-threatening diseases like diabetes, joint pains, liver problems and many more diseases. Then you must

Can Fitness Shoes Tone Your Body?

Can Fitness Shoes Tone Your Body : It is believed and accepted universally that health is wealth. If you are keen to lead a healthy life, then maintenance of optimal weight on your part is the secret. Working out reduces stress and makes you feel fresh and energetic. The best way to forget your blues

Your Pregnancy And Baby Guide

Your Pregnancy And Baby Guide: Pregnancy is the most coveted period in the life of every woman. Every woman wants to follow their progress and also of the baby within her through a weekly pregnancy guide. It is a thrill to know how big your baby is at the given stage or what features she

Stretching For Back Pain Relief

Stretching For Back Pain Relief: Most of people will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain is pain felt in the back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. Nearly everyone can benefit from stretching the soft tissues- the muscles, ligaments and tendons-

How Do I Get Six Pack Abs?

How Do I Get Six Pack Abs? A body with six pack abs is a craze these days. Men are determined to get such a body and are exploring all vistas to get toned abs. A body with such six pack abs makes you feel confident about yourself and also makes you feel good. You

Advice On Losing Post Pregnancy Weight

Advice On Losing Post Pregnancy Weight: Having a baby changes your life and also it makes to feel happy at this moment, but only sad thing after this is your body weight. During pregnancy, your doctor advice you to gain weight and after birth you have to reduce your weight to retain your original body

What Is The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Best Exercise For Weight Loss : Now a days everyone is suffering from unbalanced BMI. Now we have  to understand what BMI is all about. BMI stands for” Body Mass Index“. BMI tells you about your healthy weight. With respect to age and height. For every person it is important to maintain his or her

Pushing Yourself Too Far Is Bad For Your Heart

It is undoubtedly the universally known truth that exercise keeps our body muscles active and makes us to be active during the long hours of the day. The exercise is not only good for our physical muscles but it is equally important for our heart as well. A healthy body delivers a happy inspiration to