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How to Maintain Erection during Intercourse

When a male is having problem in keeping the erection during the intercourse we call it erectile dysfunction. Keeping the erection throughout the intercourse session is very much necessary. If you are having erectile dysfunction then you need to stop your love making in between before the climax itself. Now a day’s erectile dysfunction is

Guilty Pleasures That Can Make You Happy

Guilty Pleasures That Can Make You Happy: A life that has no irresponsibility is not worth living. There i no benefit of living longer if the bonus years are not enjoyable. There are some guilty pleasures that you must indulge in to make your life colourful. A few of the mentioned vices here are somewhat

What is a typical low fat diet?

Typical Low Fat Diet: A low fat diet plan helps you to keep your fitness level high. If you are obese, you will feel good after losing weight; this diet will help your reach your goal. Keeping off fat is the ideal way to be disease free. A low fat diet implies that you have

Secrets For Living 100 Years

Secrets For Living 100 Years:   Sometimes, we come across people above the age of 80 who are of the opinion that they have successfully completed all their destined goals in life. They feel their children have grown up and they are settled. They have retired from their jobs and had enough of globetrotting. Often,