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Natural Remedies To Last Longer In Bed And Extend Your Sex Time

Natural Remedies To Last Longer In Bed And Extend Your Sex Time: There are many misconceptions we heard daily about the performance of men and women during intercourse. How long the play should be continued before reaching the final climax is the most common question and every youth sees himself in this doubt. What we

How to Maintain Erection during Intercourse

How To Maintain Erection During Intercourse: When a male is having problem in keeping the erection during the intercourse we call it erectile dysfunction. Keeping the erection throughout the intercourse session is very much necessary. If you are having erectile dysfunction then you need to stop your love making in between before the climax itself.

Get 6 Pack Abs in 6 Minutes

Get 6 Pack Abs in 6 Minutes: How interesting to know the way you can achieve six pack abs in very less time.You must burn your fats and achieve six pack through exercises just within few minutes. First of all you must check your daily diet. You must exclude all spicy foods, junk items, alcohol,

Guilty Pleasures That Can Make You Happy

Guilty Pleasures That Can Make You Happy: A life that has no irresponsibility is not worth living. There i no benefit of living longer if the bonus years are not enjoyable. There are some guilty pleasures that you must indulge in to make your life colourful. A few of the mentioned vices here are somewhat

8 Easy Ways To Boost Sperm Quality And Count

8 Easy Ways To Boost Sperm Quality And Count: If you want to know what healthy sperms are ? The answer is that sperms should be abundant with at least 15 million sperm cells in one milliliter of semen sample. They look normal in shape and structure. They also have their motility intact. If any

Your Pregnancy And Baby Guide

Your Pregnancy And Baby Guide: Pregnancy is the most coveted period in the life of every woman. Every woman wants to follow their progress and also of the baby within her through a weekly pregnancy guide. It is a thrill to know how big your baby is at the given stage or what features she

Best Diet Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Best Diet Tips To Lose Belly Fat: Reduction of weight stands on two pillars, one is exercise and other is diet. You don’t think much about what to exercise you have several options like gyming, jogging, stretching, yoga and cardio, etc. But when you think about your diet then you face trouble like these basic

Which Fats Should I Eat?

Which Fats Should I Eat? It is the media that has exposed saturated fat as a dietary evil. Let us examine if at all consumption of saturated fat is a necessary component in the human body. Here are few reasons why you should consume saturated fat? • The cell membranes in your body are composed

How Your Drinking Habit Could Hurt Your Sperm?

Alcohol consumption has a lot of harmful effects on the health of a person. Regular consumption of alcohol affects the heart and liver in particular. It has a lot of other repercussions as well. One of those repercussions includes the fertility of male. Yes, drinking can hurt the quality of sperm in men. Researchers conducted