Step-By-Step Guide To Kiss A Girl

Step-By-Step Guide To Kiss A Girl:

Do you want to kiss a gorgeous girl? Kissing can be confusing like rocket science. However, there are few things that you can try to kiss a girl like a pro.

Get her alone – You should be alone when you intend kissing a girl. It has to be a special and intimate moment. You can ask her out for a date or ask her to go to your locker accompanied by you. Take a walk with her around school. This way you can ensure private moments with her.

Setting the mood – You must ensure that the atmosphere around you is a romantic one. Choose a dimly lit place. It will convey the mood for romance. Sunsets are universally romantic. If it is a full moon, then it is equally good idea. On a rainy day, you can seek shelter under the porch of a car. You can light candles, if you are alone in a room.

Always keep the conversation focussed on her. If you are keen to kiss in an hour’s time, you should avoid talking things that will irritate or disturb her. Do not talk about other girls. Don’t complain about things in life. Pay compliments about how good she is looking; tell her the things you like about her. You can discuss movies, books, music, food, and several other random things. Whisper into her ear as to how enchanting her smile is. If she feels good about your being so close to her, you can be sure to kiss her.

Be spontaneous, if you are walking in a crowd, pull her away, put your hands around her waist and kiss her. If she denies it, you have to think of some other way.

If you are not sure if she will respond to your touch and kiss, then try with small touches.

The following are a few moves before you actually kiss:

• Place your arm round her shoulders. If she snuggles up to you, you can hold her firmly.
• Hug her and then kiss her.
• When you are kissing her, your eyes should be in contact with each other.
• Lean your face towards her; if she starts talking then she is not eager. But if she is quiet, she is ready for the kiss.
• Keep your kisses light and soft. Keep the pressure of your lips soft. Her lower lips should be in between yours
• Don’t let your hand hang loosely by your side. Cup her cheeks with your hands. Or on her shoulders or waist.

Follow this step-by-step guide to kiss a girl and you will be happy that you could kiss a girl with confidence. You will not hesitate and feel embarrassed to go in for the first kiss. Even your partner will enjoy the experience. You will love the entire process and will feel proud of your achievement. You can tell others of your achievement and guide them accordingly. All the best in your adventure.

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