You have reached your desired weight? What To Do Next?

You have reached your desired weight? What To Do Next?

You have reached your desired weight What To Do Next

So finally you have reached the mark and succeeded in getting the desired weight. Achieving this target has no doubt required discipline and regularity towards your eating and working habits. First of all you should give yourself a pet on the back, yes you deserve it and it is because of your hard work you have devoted for this.

Now as a preliminary target or goal we are able to reach this but what next? This is the most common question that freaks in everyone’s mind that now i have reached the level where i want to be or i have wished to reach so what is next? Should i continue on loosing more weight? But i don’t want to loose more than this so will it  cost me to give more weight if i continue this fixed schedule?

As we all know touching the destination and persistently holding the achievement are two different vectors where the later one needs us to be resilient towards the target and should keep the heat on to maintain the level. If you will loose control here you will find yourself get back there where you have started and i hope it is same hard to hear as it would be in actual.

Here let’s discuss what you should include as your next level steps or goals so that you find yourself engaged in the routine once again and achieve it for persistence.

1. Flexibility and Movement: Having a weight greater than our body mass index that is the proportion of our height towards our weight then you lacks in flexibility and movement. So now you are able to move your body and muscles so it is perfect time to train it for greater flexibility and movement.

2. Strength: Strength is the ability that our body achieves a bit later. Strength is getting used to of something and here it is meant by the physical strength basically. We do exercises for building strength. We should start with low weight count and then gradually goes on increasing the same as per the capability. It is true that no one is born perfect or perfection can be achieved overnight. So we should be sufficiently patient and regular to hard work until we reach the required mark. Here i am not doubting your capabilities i know you have reached this point and that is because of your continuous hard work so keep the heat on.

3. Speed: Maybe you have included running in your workout schedule of weight loss program and you might be running at the pace of 5K then you need to push it a bit hard because perfection has no limit and so you can further step up for a new height.

4. Sports: You have shaped yourself  into a perfectly beautiful body then why not give it a try to learn a new game of any kind which suits you and your personality. We can not neglect the impact of sports on our body. Sports are a complete package in place which helps in building strength, stamina and speed all in one go.

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