Men Watching Unfair Can Damage Your Sexual Performance

Men Watching Unfair Can Damage Your Sexual Performance:

Unfair addiction in men prompts them to conjure pornographic images during sex. They are worried about their arousal, body image and their own sexual performance. Studies have confirmed that the more unfair a man watches , the more he uses it while having sex and also demands those specific pornographic acts from his partner.

Higher the rate of pornography viewing, the more the man is incapable of having an intimate behaviour with his real life partner. They start viewing women as sexual objects and objects for pleasure. They disregard women. They tend to ignore the tender touches of kissing, verbal compliments and laughing.

Watching porn, will affect your relationship with your spouse. You will refrain from having sex with her. Most men view porn as secondary to actual sex. They use to eliminate stress or when they are single or their partners are away. However, if you are watching porn for longer duration or are hiding it from your partner, then it is an addiction. It has a negative effect on long term relationships.

Sometimes, a question is asked if watching porn males you incapable of reaching a climax with your real life partner? This largely depends on the age and also on the sexual relationship of the couple. A young man in his twenties will watch porn and masturbate several times in a week without having any consequences on his long term relationship. Whereas a man in his forties with wife and children will not have the similar consequences. So the effect depends on the age, circumstance, life, connection and relationship.

Some men want to perform those acts that they watch on porn. This helps them to spice up their sex life. They try various acts to impress their partner. Some woman like watching porn and get aroused. So the effect of watching porn on relationships varies from one couple to another. For some, it is a unique experience of trying something new in bed. While for others their sexual performance can be damaged as their expectation from their partners rise and if the partner is unaware of this habit, then it can be disastrous.

Men watching unfair, can affect marriages as guilt, anger are associated with watching pornography. The guy will become an introvert and will neglect all other family matters. He will get satisfaction from the porn and will withdraw from his partner.

Excessive porn watching can lead to excess masturbation, mood swings. He will want to be all by himself; sit up late at night and be online for hours. He will refuse to discuss his problem and seek help.

If you feel that your spouse is not willing to be intimate with you or is hiding something, you need to discuss it together and visit a counsellor for professional advice. Do not lose hope. This addiction can be addresses and you can have a normal sexual life again. Be cautious, and you will be on the normal track again.

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