How To Propose A Girl – 10 Romantic And Unusual Ways

How To Propose A Girl – 10 Romantic And Unusual Ways:

Proposing a girl is tougher than giving any job interview. Yes trust me sharing your true feelings with someone you desire to come along or you want to spend more time is always that hard. If you have also picked someone for you and still finding a way how to let her know what you feel for her then we will share you some of the best practices for it. Although every love story is so cute and special itself and love is not something that can be sensed by reading or listening to others stories. The feeling of love can only be best felt by the two persons involved in it.

We have seen numerous ways how to approach a girl if you like her in Bollywood style like bending on knees or giving a rose. But since the generation has moved ahead, every girl needs it to be unique and special. Proposing is the start of the love life for couples so even all boys also want to make it special so that it can be accepted and they can effectively share what they want to say to someone who makes their heart beat faster.

1. A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee: You have heard this many a time and yes the tagline itself clears the message. It is good to ask the girl out for a coffee and it can be made special if the beverage is served in the cup, saying” can you and I be come together” or something that you feel more customized and personal. Trust me the trick will work for you if she also feels something about you.

2. Love Chords: Music is considered as the environment of love and if you yourself are creating it and dedicating something from your own lines than it is really heart melting. If you are a bit comfortable with a guitar, then go for learning some romantic chord to impress her.

3. Packed with Love: If you get to know what ice cream or chocolate she loves more, than gifting an ice cream or chocolate can work miracles for you. Gift packs the material with some customized message or you can include a letter inside and decorate it yourself in some fancy or attractive way so that she can’t put you down for this.

4. Walk to Remember: Seashore also whispers magical love fumes which can flourish the feeling of love. If you can make it a way to ask her for a walk on the beach where you can tell her what you feel about her or you can plan some surprise like writing her name on the sand or can gift her some shell necklace.

5. Poster of Love: If you have a picture of you both together that reminds you for any great moment spent together, then go for making it like a poster and include it within the morning paper to make her morning special. You can include some caption for the photo like” will you be my girlfriend” or “i love you”. Please make sure that it reaches to her only or she is the first one to see it.

6. Snorkelling: If you both are comfortable with water around then it will be really wonderful and adventurous to make the moment. Ask her for snorkelling and in between making a dive to bring the ring out. Please make sure before the time you place the ring in proper place so that you can dig it out with perfect timing and impress her with the surprise.

7. Pool of Love: If the idea of snorkelling is a bit unpractical for you then you can choose the option of pool. You can plan it into nearby resort or your residential spot. You can make the environment more gracious by putting some rose petals in water and decorate the pool side with balloons. Floating candles will give you the most romantic environment to share your feelings.

8. Scrabble It: If your girl loves to play with words, then now its time for you to play with her. Put random words to make it like “will you marry me” or “I love you”. If she is good in it, then she will be definitely finish the exercise and now you need to watch how she reacts to the situation a positive response is what you waiting for.

9. First Meet: If you really feel special for someone then you must have remembered the spot where you both have first met. It is a better way to bring her along back that place and share the feelings and add the words ” from here we have come along and now the foe journey of life I would like to start from here once again”

10. Love Diary: What could be more wonderful than preparing a diary with all those sweet moments you have spent together. You can include photos if available or simple text to elaboratethe moment. Within that with corresponding event you can include what you feel now remembering the moment.

So now we need to give you time to apply these things so that you can also come along with your love life. Feeling of love is the best feeling in the world because it flourish your mind and soul and gives you potential to achieve high. So don’t keep it within your heart. It is always pleasurable to share it with the one for which it is. Go ahead and say it before it is too late!!!!!

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