How to Measure Your Weight Loss Progress

How to Measure Your Weight Loss Progress:

How to Measure Your Weight Loss ProgressUndoubtedly, Getting slim or burning your fat is a long process. Every day you need to work hard every day you have a question same list of questions. Am  I still looking fat? How much I burn today? And so on. When you are going through this process of burning, you need to track your weight because this is not a final destination process. You need to go on and on but step by step. Now if you have a problem or question, how to track your body, then we following tips for you.

These tips help you a lot in tracking your weight with confidence:

1. Nothing is better than a Critique: Yes, that’s true if you want to do something really good then you need a critique. A critique helps you in your weak parts by telling your truth, so that you will work on that part too, with dedication. Facing criticism is a tough job, but making criticism is more than tough. So, ask a person who is able to tell you the truth and want you to be even better. But don’t ask every single person, they even lie to you.

2. Calculate with Callipers: This is one best, accurate, as well as the easiest way to. These sleepers are inexpensive and approachable. So, buy one of them and then measure your body fat. And do work on that. You can calculate fat on every part of your body.

3. Scale: Scale is not highly recommended for tracking progress of weight loss. The scale helps you in weighing your weight, but sometimes it is hard to identify the difference in your weight because you can’t see the difference of a few grams in the scale. So be wise when you are using the scale.

4. Before and after Picture: Click yourself with the least clothes in the same place or same frame with the same amount of light in every one or two weeks. Take photo with every angle and of your every body part.You can take a photo in front of the mirror as well. Compare these photos and see the difference. But do not compare the photo which you take daily in several poses, then it’s hard to find the difference.

5. Clothes Tell you the Truth: Try your tight clothes which you stop wearing because of excessive weight; these clothes help you in tracking your weight loss program. But now you start a weight loss program, try these clothes on weekly or monthly basis not on a daily basis. After all, you are not doing any magic programming.

6. Water Tank: Hydrostatic body fat test is one of the most precise trackers of weight loss. You weighed out in two different places first in the water tank, secondly outside the water tank. Then some computation and your body tell everything, that you work hard or not. Yes, you have to pay for this test every time.

7. Tape Measures: Tape measures are somewhat like callipers measurements. But cheap and accessible in the same manner. Measure the perimeter of your arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. If these numbers are getting lower then you are seriously working hard. And your body shows this. And the best part is you can actually measure every part of your body, and work on it accordingly.

So, now you don’t need to worry a lot about your progress, just follow these tips and you definitely feel better one day. Stay fit, keep healthy!

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