How to Maintain Erection during Intercourse

How to Maintain Erection during IntercourseWhen a male is having problem in keeping the erection during the intercourse we call it erectile dysfunction. Keeping the erection throughout the intercourse session is very much necessary. If you are having erectile dysfunction then you need to stop your love making in between before the climax itself.

Now a day’s erectile dysfunction is seen as common among the males and it increases as we grow older. With the persons getting older they find it difficult to maintain an erection during the intercourse and it gives a negative impact on your happy love life.

There are numerous reasons behind this why a man is facing trouble in keeping the erection. The most common reason is when your mind and body are not co-ordinating mutually about the act then it happens. When you are physically or mentally stressed then the impact is seen in your love making. Other reasons include being alcohol or smoking too much. Some serious disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression or nervous system disorders can also be the factors. Overdose of some particular medicines over a long period of time can also affect your sex drive.

Well this is common across all men with various ages and with various percentages. If you are seeing signs of erectile dysfunction or you are not happy with your performance in bed then you should start making the things correct before it goes far away to handle. If you are losing erection in between or you are not getting erection at all then you should take it seriously.

If you are facing the problem then you should confidently share it with your partner because many a times due to nervousness we are unable to share and we miss the first step where it can be improved. Researches also shows that, partners who discuss about sex and intimacy being comfortable with each other have better sex life than those who hesitate to talk about it.

You can also keep in mind below mentioned points which will help you recover:

1. If you smoke or drink regularly them, reducing the dose can work as miracle for you. As you might be aware alcohol consumption reduces our sex drive.
2. Give your body a proper time to relax and rest.
3. Make exercise as your regular routine and don’t attempt to skip it with any kind of excuse. Exercise increases your sexual ability.
4. Use proper prevention against STDs and HIV.
5. Openly talk with your partner because she is also taking part along with you in the lovemaking. If you have any concern then you should tell her first. Believe me she will understand you and will help you also in recovering.

Keep in mind this is not any kind of disease or thing for which you should be ashamed. Every human has different abilities towards sex and have separate experiences. Take it easily and enjoy it with your partner with equal passion and energy!

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