How To Get A Flat Tummy At Home With 5 Exercises

How To Get A Flat Tummy At Home With 5 Exercises:

I have a belly with lots of love hangles on it. But I want it to flat tummy, a little tight but definitely I don’t want six packs or eight packs. I just want flat and tight abdomen for that I research a lot then I found those workout which actually works on my belly. Now, here I’m going to share my secret of flat tummy with you. Of course, many other thing also played an important part in my daily routine just like a super diet plan which limits sugar, omits junk, add fibers and 8 glass of water on the daily basis. But please guys don’t live in a myth that hunger diet makes you that’s not true at all. It will make you weak. But to get in slim fit size all you need to do a routine workouts and a healthy diet that all. So here is the list of workout that makes your belly flat.

1. Planks: Magical workout for your belly, that actually abdomen based exercise. There are several type of plank that you can do like rocking plank, side plank, side raise planks. Get down on the mat from your stomach side then raise your body of the floor with the support of the toes and elbows, back straight do not curve your body, abs in, take a deep breath and hold the same pose for few seconds.

2. Crunches: Crunches are also ideal exercise for the belly as well it also helps you to improve for waistline as well. You can also do crunches, crunches with twist. Lie down on the mat, and then put your hands on your chest in the crossed position. Bend you knee then try to lift body forward with the help of your back, abs in, eyes focused on ceiling. Then come back straight on the mat. You can put your hands behind your head as well, but the risk of neck injury increase.

3. Sitting Spinal Twist: This exercise helps you abs, spine and your waist as well. Be insitting position on the mat, back straight and cross your legs. Locate your one hand on your hip portion and other hand on the knee. Now move your spineto  look at your other shoulder into a sitting spinal twist position. Then back to the centre and do this same position in the opposite direction as well. This exercise also makes your waist line slim and trim.

4. Surya Namaskar: Surya Namaskar or Sun salutation includes 12 different poses of yoga. Every pose have a vital impression on your body. Onward and reverse curve actions stretch your body during the exercise deep breath detoxifies your body. This exercise done in the morning light of sun that maximizes the benefits of the exercise. This yoga asana also allow your belly to get in and stretches and deep breath while your abs are in, also helps you to remove extra fat also over the belly.  

5. Bhujangasan: This yoga helps you to get rid of fatty belly and also give your back muscles strength,also helps you in back pain. Lie down on mat from stomach side and then with the help of hands try to raise your body like a Cobra, try to stretch your abs and hold this posture for few seconds than get down on the mat again.But don’t over stretch your muscles that will hurt you.

During all this don’t forget to take deep breath. Don’t over push yourself, do only up to your comfort level. And try keep in mind “Rome was not built in day”. In one day your not going to be flat but keep  6 days exercise routine then take one day rest.


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