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Calories are not always the undesired stuff for our body. In some amount it is actually an entailing part of our daily diet. What is needed to keep in mind is how adequately we plan our diet to manage any excess calories in our food. Because excess calories lead to the most common engender of obesity. Burger, pizza, pasta, etc all of these contribute to the power house of increasing weight. So taking calories in an appropriate amount to keep your weight in watch is very crucial.

Amount of calories necessary for a human being differs from individual to individual. There are various factors like age, sex, height, kind of physical activities you do and many other which define the balanced diet you should have. You can consult a dietician for this purpose. You can get a proper healthy food regime and hence manage your calorie intake. Some simple calculation can help you find out the amount of calories your body needs daily. Daily doses of calorie intake in your body should not exceed (your current total weight in kilo grams * 24). And if you really desire to lose weight, do an hour’s walking every day. This will burn approximately 1000 – 1500 calories a day and will help you lose weight to a great extent. And in the name of dieting please do not taking any step that is going to harm your body. As it is mentioned earlier some amount of calorie is good for our body, research says you should not reduce your calorie intake by more than 500 units a day from the maximum calorie intake that your body is used to. For your convenience look at this sample calculation: If your weight is 70 kg, your maximum calorie intake should be 70 * 24 = 1680, And the prescribed reduction in calorie intake: 1680 – 500 = 1180 calories. Further keep in mind that your daily calorie intake should never be below 1000 calories. If you are proficient enough to manage these calculations do it yourself or better consult your doctor to suggest a food plan for you and then follow it regularly. It will help you stay healthy and fit.

Some of the basic food items in your daily life with calorie content in it are :

  • Breakfast: Egg boiled (80), Egg omelet (120), Bread slice (45), Bread with butter(90), Chapatti (60), Puri (75), Paratha(150).
  • Lunch/dinner: Plain rice(120 in 1 cup), Dal (150), Curd (100), Veg curry (150), Meat curry (175), papad (45), Cutlet (75), Pickle (30), Subji (150 in 1 cup).
  • Beverages: Black tea (10), Black coffee (10), Coffee or tea with milk and sugar (45), milk with horlicks (120), milk without sugar (60), milk with sugar (75), Soft drinks (90), beer (200), Soda(10).
  • Some miscellaneous food items: Pizza(400), Chinese noodles (450), hamburger(250), Sandwich large (450), fried potato(200), mashed potato (100), milkshake(200), ice-cream (200), wafers (120), samosa (1 for 100), kebab (150), ghee (50).

Some predefined value of Calorie intake:

For Males: Age group 19 to 30 years should take 2400 to 3000 calories depending on how active they are. Age 31 to 50 years (2200 to 3000 calories). Age 51 and above men should take calories ranging in between 2000 to 2800.

For Females: Age 19 to 30 years (1800 to 2400 calories), Age 31 to 50 years (1800 to 2200), Age 51 and above(1600 to 2200 calories).

Above values suggest a healthy amount of calorie necessary for an average individual. Keep in mind the concept of your daily physical activity. If your day is really very active, you need to take plenty of calories to compensate the energy lost by your body. With aging your body needs more care than at the young age. And since your physical activity lowers with age your calorie intake should also decrease to give you a healthy weight. Forget all the misconceptions about calories and now onwards step towards a healthy life.

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