How Many Calories Does Beer Have?

How Many Calories Does Beer Have:

How Many Calories Does Beer HaveAlcohol no doubt contains lots of calories. Some suffer the misconception that alcohols are sources of vitality. In fact, it is the molecules in alcohol that makes you feel euphoric, which is generally mistaken as energy. As per calculation, one gram of alcohol contains seven calories, which are in no means beneficial to man and for this cause they are even termed as empty calories.

Following are few facts about beer:

1. One beer bottle has 150 calorie content, zero saturated fats, cholesterol and fiber;  protein  1.66 g and carbohydrates 12.78 g; Sodium 14 mg and potassium 97 mg. It does not provide any nutrient instead increases the fat content in your consistency.

2. Low calorific beers contains 2% – 3% of alcohol whereas, the larger one possess 3% – 8% of alcohol.

3. Every day if you consume one glass beer  then it would add around 1036 of calories every week. Meaning you can gain 6 – 7 kilos to your body per year. These fats are accumulated in the belly region making you look plump.

As per researches Beers affects the human body in many hazardous ways. Let us have a look:

Later on the consumption of beer the alcohol content in it are at once immersed in the bloodline and is spread through the blood streams thereby, affecting small intestines as well as stomach. It also affects the brain and its functioning. This results in the change in human conduct, either making you silent or chatty and full of life.

High uptake of alcohol also results in high danger of life- threatening diseases like strokes, throat and mouth cancer, liver diseases and high line pressure.

It can also lead to mental disorders as well as depression. Your regular activities or your judgement capabilities are also affected. For regular drinkers it can spoil your relations personally and professionally by your uncooperative or aggressive behavior.

If you are addicted to beer and want to come out of it and live normally then you must follow below listed points:

1. Go for alternative healthy drinks like energy drinks, fresh fruit juices, herbal tea or healthy shakes. Decrease in alcohol content will make you feel easy from before.

2. Take help from your partner, friends, relatives or your colleagues. Ask them to help you out from this habit. Talking to them will surely boost you up and positive enough to give up beer.

3. Stop visiting parties or bars or spots where you drink and can’t stop yourself from drinking. Instead hangout with your family and friends or go for movie. This will keep you away from alcohol.

4. You must know the demerits of beer and how it can affect your life. Jot it down and consider them. You will soon realise the improvement in you.

If you are distracted from your track still there is a chance waiting for you. Cut off the beer consumption. Follow above listed points it will surely make you live soundly and happily.

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