How Can My Child Or Teen Lose Weight?

How Can My Child Or Teen Lose Weight?

Childhood and teenage obesity is spreading like an epidemic. It has to be stopped immediately. If your child or teenager is obese, you have to learn how to make him lose weight and maintain it. Education of parents is essential to spread awareness. If you want your child not to be overweight, you have to adjust the way your family eats and also exercises. A major lifestyle change is demanded in such cases.

Healthy kids are an asset. It implies healthy living, healthy parents in healthy homes. Parents are the role models that children or teenagers follow. Obese parents set a bad example for their children. You need to trim yourself if you want to advice your children.

The obsession for fast food is something you have to make your children understand and eventually get rid of. Fast foods should be had only occasionally. You have to explain to them the negative consequences of having fast foods. Encourage them to have home made foods that are freshly prepared.

Nowadays, both the parents are working and they do not have time to spend with their children. There is even less time to cook meals that are balanced in nutrition. Children have become sedentary, they do not play instead they are busy with their studies or computer games. They have to be persuaded to play outdoors. This will channelize their energy in a good direction.

You must visit the doctor regularly to check whether the increase in weight is owing to some health issues. The doctor will assess your child on the basis of Body Mass Index and the lifestyle habits. Then he will look into your child’s eating habits and activities. He will finally tell you the changes you need to bring about for being healthy and slim.

You need to alter your poor eating habits or faulty eating habits and change your sedentary lifestyle and become active. This will reduce the risk of your child becoming obese.

Obese children and teenagers are ridiculed among their peer groups. You have to counsel them time and again and instill in them good habits , so that they are saved from such embarrassment in future. You have to be supportive.

Parents play a vital role in shaping the child’s future. You have to ensure that he does not remain obese and thus susceptible to several diseases linked with obesity. Take proper diet counselling and advice on lifestyle changes and behavioral modifications. Take corrective steps before it is too late. Once you show them the way , there will be no looking back. Your child will grow up to be a healthy individual with a good personality.

Obesity in teens and children make them sluggish and also come in the way of good performance. In order to get the best out of them, you have to inculcate right eating and sleeping habits. Not to forget exercise. They have to exercise religiously and maintain a positive attitude towards life.

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