Heart Attacks In Women- Aware Of The 7 Symptoms

Heart Attacks In Women- Aware Of The 7 Symptoms:

Women do not experience typical symptoms which are traditionally associated with heart attacks. It is different from the symptoms that men face. This is the reason according to experts why heart attacks in women often go untreated. Majority of women do not feel chest pain. However, women do get warning signals and if noticed carefully they fail to recognize them. The symptoms are sometimes there for a month, but have been ignored.

Even when the heart attack is happening, women are not so prompt in recognizing the symptoms and then call a doctor. This is because , they are not the typical symptoms and are different from that of men. It has also proved fatal for some women.

You need to watch out for the following symptoms to prevent a heart attack:

• Fatigue- More than 70% of women suffered from extreme fatigue prior to the months of attacks. This was an abnormal fatigue that threw your normal life out of gear.

• Sleeplessness or insomnia- Apart from fatigue, women who had heart attacks, suffered from an inability to sleep or remain asleep in the months preceding heat attacks.

• Anxiety and stress- Stress is the main culprit for causing heart attacks. But the emotional experience prior to a heart attack are the symptoms. They felt stressed, anxious, keyed up much more than usual. Moments prior to the attack or during the attack women felt a condition called the impending doom. They feel something is terribly wrong, but they don’t know why?

• Indigestion and nausea- Stomach pain, nausea, digestive disruptions are signs of impending heart attacks in women. You need to be familiar with your own digestive habits. Especially if your system appears upset and you have not eaten anything out of the normal course.

• Shortness of breath- More than half of the women who have suffered a heart attack have experienced shortness of breath while climbing up the stairs and doing daily chores.

• Flu- Like symptoms,Sweaty skin , associated with the feel of light-headedness and weakness can prompt the woman to wonder if they are having flu . In fact, in reality, they are having a heart attack.

• Jaw, neck, back, ear ,shoulder pain and numbness in the shoulder, arm, chest is a common sign of heart attack, women do not experience pain like this. Women experienced tightness along their jaw and down the neck. Also at times, up to the ear also. The pain might extend further down to the shoulder and arm especially to the left side. Or it may feel like a backache.

You should be aware of the symptoms of heart attacks in women. Do not neglect such symptoms as heart attack can be fatal if it is not treated on time. Look out for the symptoms. Even if one of the above mentioned symptoms are present, then it is a source of major concern. Beware!

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