Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy Pregnancy Diet:

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy diet is essentially required for a healthy living and the crave for a balanced diet especially when you are pregnant or planning a baby.A healthy diet will be keeping you and your child fit and fine.Its not necessary for you to follow a special diet but yes to have an adequate amount of nutrients and sufficient water is an essential.

The food you intake and the health of your baby is directly proportional.So the food you eat must possess some or the other nutrient.As per research,consumption of folic acid will reduce the neural tube defects.So try to intake more and more of folic acid before and during pregnancy.

Having a healthy diet does not mean eating more and more.If you posses a normal weight during your pregnancy then you might not be required with extra of calories in your first three months.Later in your 4,5,6 month you must intake approx 300  extra calories everyday and approx 450 calories in your daily diet of your last three months.You must remember that pregnancy vary from person to person.So you must look into your health and weight before planning a balanced diet.Make sure daily diet includes proteins,fats,vitamins(vit D,B 12,B6,A,C),folic acids,iron,calcium,roughage and plenty of water.

Here are few ways how you can maintain a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy :

You may choose various edibles from this group every day.

Dairy products -skimmed and butter milk,curd and cottage cheese.These edibles are rich in vitamins B 12,calcium and protein.However,if you possess ”Lactose Intolerance”then you must refer your doctor for the calcium supplements.

Cereals -whole grains,pulses,nuts are highly enriched with protein edibles.You must include sprouts rich in high proteins and carbohydrates.

Vegies and fruits – All sorts of vegies and foods provide high fibre,vitamins,minerals and even water content.Green vegetables such as spinach,brocolli,tofu are rich in calcium.Increase its consumption.

Meat and poultry products if consumed in limited quantity is good as they are rich in proteins.Though fishes are a healthy portion of diet as it has a omega-3 fatty acids,with high protein content and less concentration of saturated fats.Avoid uncooked fishes.Avoid raw or un-properly cooked sea foods as per scientists all of them carries traces of metals like mercury,arsenic which will be retarding the growth of baby.

Even you must eat fats and oil too,as these will be providing you with energy.You can find these in coconut milk,butter and many more with high concentration of saturated fats.Vanaspati oil too has high fat  content.Salt and iodine content edibles are also required in the diet.Though gaining weight is a positive sign of a good pregnancy.So at this ignore your weight gain.

You must take care of yourself,avoiding junk foods,foods with hi calories and low nutrients.Cut the caffeine,as it may result in weak baby.Ensure not to consume unpastuerized milk and dairy products.You must even avoid alchohol,soft-drinks,raw sea foods,chocolates,pasteries and all sorts of high calorified and luxurious deserts.You must not eat any kind of uncooked food.

Last but not least,you must not forget drinking enough of water.Fruit juices and coconut milk will be regulating the metabolism of your body.Drinking lots of water does not mean that you can drink water from anywhere and everywhere.Make sure every drop of your water is well purified and boiled.As its the water that can contaminate diseases quickly.So if you travel,carry with you enough of purified water so that you need not to purchase it.

You must go for checkup every month and about the nutrients content and act accordingly.

You must even consult your doctor regarding your diet if you are a vegetarian,or suffering from anemia or gestational diabetes or any sort of disorder before or during your pregnancy.If you have constipation you must include plenty of water and consumption of high fiber.You must consult your doctor regarding your medicines,and checked properly.

You must not intake any sort of protein or vitamin supplements without doctor’s recommendation.

Apart from these you must even do some workouts or a walk.This will be making you and your baby fit and healthy.

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