Health Benefits Of Dancing

Health Benefits Of Dancing:

It is important to be flexible if you want to be healthy. Dancing demands a great amount of flexibility. Dance classes usually begin with a warm up. These include many stretching exercises. Dancers need to strive to attain full range of motion for all the muscle groups. The more the range of motion , the more your muscles can flex and also extend. Flexibility is important part of dance as dancers have to make moves that require both stretching and bending. So dancers are flexible by dancing.

Strength- strength can be explained as the muscular ability to exert a force in the face of resistance. Dancing builds strength by forcing the muscles to resist against a dancer’s own body weight. Many dance forms like jazz , ballet , require leaping and jumping high into the air. These demand lots of strength in the leg muscles. Ballroom dancing builds strength.

Endurance- Dance is a exercise. It enhances endurance. This is defined as the ability of the muscles to work hard for long periods without fatigue. Regular dancing is ideal for improving endurance. Especially vigorous dancing like ballroom dancing. Elevation of heart rate increases stamina. Regular dancing builds endurance.

Sense of well being- dancing is a social activity. Studies have showcased that social ties and socializing with friends increases self esteem and makes you have a positive approach towards life. Dancing provides several opportunities to meet other people. Joining a dance class enhances self confidence and also builds social skills. Physical activity eliminates tension and stress from your life. Regular dance gives you a sense of well-being and a feel good factor. Dancing is about self-expression and recreation.

Dancing enables people of all ages , sizes and shapes . It improves the condition of your heart and lungs. It increases muscular strength and motor fitness. Increases aerobic fitness, improves muscle tone sand strength. Weight management is done with dancing. Dancing gives stronger bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It brings about better coordination and agility.

Dancing is done indoors .So it is not affected by the vagaries of nature. It can be done socially or competitively. It is a recreation and also a sporting choice.

There is a saying that you can dance away your blues. Dancing keeps you mentally active and going. You get a wide social circle with like minded people. Physical fitness is a sure gain with dancing. You can keep many diseases at bay; that are the outcome of a sedentary lifestyle. Join a dance class if you have not yet started. There are different forms of dancing; you can choose the one that suits you. You will love to see the changes in you as you practice dance everyday and attend dance classes regularly. Soon you will get a slim and svelte figure. For men, they will gain muscles and build a strong body. Both men and women unanimously benefit from dancing. It is highly recommended that you should join dance classes to remain active and healthy for a lifetime.

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