Hair Loss And Its Home remedies With EGGS

Hair Loss And Its Home remedies With EGGS:

Hair Loss And Its Home remedies

Hair Loss And Its Home remedies

Our hairs are one of the major factors which plays a crucial role in our beauty. Every girl and women love to have long and silky hairs and that’s why they pay special attention in taking care about it. They nourish them regularly and keep them clean always. Our hairs are mainly composed of proteins and amino acids, which loses concentration as we grow up and we face problems like the loosing of hairs and color fading.

Now a day rather than growing older various other factors are also there which makes our scalp weak and causes loss of hair and that’s the environment and dust around us that we are talking about.

Although we have various health treatment options to choose in such situation but that are not too economic to be afforded by everyone and that’s not the permanent solution of this problem so we need to look for something that’s is fairly simple and easily accessible too.

We all know the importance of eggs when we talk about the protein content. Eggs are fairly rich in protein and amino acid content and there are a lot more home remedies that we can try at home to give special care to our extra special hairs which makes them shine more and makes stronger too.

There are multiple ways to use eggs for hair care. The very first is to include egg in our daily diet so that our body gets an adequate amount of proteins required for hair growth and another one is to use egg as a pack for the hairs. Eggs impressively helps to regain the natural oil for the scalp which enhances hair growth.

Now lets talk about the procedure of making a protein pack for your hairs.   Things you will need: Egg, Olive oil, a bowl and a spoon to make the paste.


  • First break the egg and carry the egg content into the bowl
  • Now add 2 tablespoon olive oil into the content and blend it properly to make a thick and evenly mixed paste

Your hair pack rich in protein is prepared now which you can apply directly on to your hairs.

  • Now apply the paste to your hairs and let it dry for 30 mins.
  • The paste penetrates through the scalp and reaches the follicles to enhance overall hair growth.
  • Now wash your hairs with shampoo in the cold. Here make sure you are not using the hot water because hot water mixing with the egg protein will produce a pungent smell which may irritate you.
  • If you are not feeling good about using egg only to the mixture, you can mix curd or some good conditioner to make the paste.

You need to use this a number of times before you can actually see the desired results. This is also helpful in case of hair damage.

There are also other methods using the egg only to treat your hair problems. Use the one which suits you best and give special care to your own extra special hairs.

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