Guilty Pleasures That Can Make You Happy

Guilty Pleasures That Can Make You Happy:

A life that has no irresponsibility is not worth living. There i no benefit of living longer if the bonus years are not enjoyable. There are some guilty pleasures that you must indulge in to make your life colourful.

A few of the mentioned vices here are somewhat virtuous and they will make your day.

Alcohol- Having a drink a day , is now considered good for your heart. However, drink in moderation as excess of alcohol will do more harm than good. Your risk of developing diabetes, heart diseases, stroke is minimised . Cheers to good health.

Internet- Using the internet facilitates the brain’s ability to function. Each and every time you are using the net, your brain is analysing various thoughts. So it improves the thought process of the brain.

Chocolate- This sweet thing has oleic acid which is identical to the olive oil that makes the heart healthy. It also has a mix of flavenoids and aminoacids that keep the heart healthy. The outcome is fewer clogged arteries, lower blood pressure, a decreased risk of blood clots.

Caffeine- Excessive consumption of caffeine is not good for health, but you can have a few cups of coffee in a day. It stimulates brain functions and increase stamina.

Sweets for breakfast- If you are feeling guilty after having a pastry for breakfast, then relax. Studies have shown that when people had sweets in the morning, they had fewer sweet cravings in the whole day , than those individuals who were given a breakfast of low carbs. Indulge in the morning, and keep binge eating at bay for the rest of the day.

Mediterranean diets- Olive oil, cheese, wine , bread is actually good for you. Trust me. Scientists opine that eating like the people who are from France, Spain, Greece and South of Italy, will help your heart stay healthy and strong.

Losing your temper-  Expressing your anger is good for health. Rather than keeping it suppressed. This will clarify relationships. Spark a poilitcal transformation, end business deals. You must express this emotion to eliminate anxiety and stress.

Peanut butter- It is loaded with calories, but this American staple is good for the health. It is rich in vitaminE , niacin and vitaminB3, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous and has no cholesterol.

Procrastination- Taking breaks from tedious jobs can improve the individual’s threshold to pain. Do face book to relax and divert your mind from pain.

Watching scary movies- watching scary movies gives you an adrenaline rush which is almost equal to half an hour of walking.

Sleeping in- getting proper sleep is the vital component for good health. It improves memory, boosts your immunity. Studies have shown that people getting less sleep are likely to be obese . On the contrary, those who got adequate sleep maintained optimum weight.

Skipping a workout-exercise is important for maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, rest days are equally important as your muscles need to heal and grow. This also helps in weight loss by the prevention of plateau.
Indulge in guilty pleasures to make life worth living.

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