Funny Ways to Predict your Baby’s Gender Naturally

Predict your Baby’s Gender NaturallyFunny Ways to Predict your Baby’s Gender Naturally:

So far we have many gender predicting methods practised in our country. Talking about its accuracy regarding these promises is hopeless. On the other hand, we must not forget that predicting one’s child’s gender before its birth is not a legal one in India.Yet,having fun with these guessing ancient methods will not be a hurting too. Noting, not to rely on it completely.

Here we go with such ancient gender guessing methods:

Moving through the belly : As per  old Indian saying the overall structure of one’s belly gives enough clue regarding the gender of child. If the belly seems protruding outwards and having a slight elongated appearance rather than round, then one can carry a baby boy. If the belly is round and firm, and is horizontal by one’s feet, appearing huge then you might be carrying a baby girl.

Numbers of foetal kicks : Not only measuring the number of kicks but also the region where you felt those kicks are taken for guessing. As per belief, if one feel the kicks high up in one’s ribs, then it’s a baby girl whereas, kicks felt in lower abdomen indicates a baby boy.

Swinging of moods : A polish study well published in journal known as psychology and behaviour found that women who fell sick and disgusted in anything and everything in their initial days of pregnancy were more likely to carry a baby boy. On the other hand, if the women felt well balanced in her initial days of pregnancy is likely to have a baby girl in her womb.

Food declination : Food, too has a lot of connections with gender of baby. As per polish study, the ladies developing food hatred and gets nauseated after meals are guessed to carry a baby boy. As per polish study an embryo of a male has to be cared more than from a female embryo.

Foods chosen : If the women is craving for all sweet and sugared edibles, chances are there to have a girl as girls are full of everything that is sweet and nice, whereas having spicy foods indicates baby boy.

Change in the structure of breast :Though breast go lots of changes in pregnancy. If you feel the breasts firm and big from your normal size, then it indicates a girl whereas no such dramatic change is an expectation for a boy.

Facial change : As per ancient wisdom of your face tends to have lots of acne or lifeless hairs then it indicates a girl who shares with your beauty whereas having a stunning and healthy hair as well as nails is an indication for boy. Some people take this knowledge oppositely.

Test with wedding ring : In this method, mother’s wedding ring is held over the belly through a string tied to it. If the ring goes forth and back, then it’s a boy, whereas, if the ring moves in circles it’s a girl.

Measuring heart rate of foetal : With little scientific logic, yet with no such proof it is said that if the heart rate of foetal is more than 140 bmp  then it’s a girl else it’s a boy.

Note: you must not forget that every pregnancy varies and so their symptoms felt by mothers. You must not be astonished, if you expected a baby boy and gave birth to a baby girl .Don’t forget that your baby is a gift of god.

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