Fitness Routine With 5 Supersets For A Full Body Workout

Fitness Routine With 5 Supersets For A Full Body Workout:

Fitness Routine With 5 Supersets For A Full Body Workout

You have been reading lots of fitness articles and share it as well. Still, you have a question what should a perfect fitness routine to get your body in a perfect shape and size. You have to adopt a very relax approach towards fitness.
You need to exercise 3- 4 times a week to maintain your appropriate weight. One hour is enough for you as per this routine.

You should start your day with exercise so that your day is filled with energy and no excuse for a later day. There is not something like “best time for exercise”. Do exercise as per your convenience, nothing else. Follow your routine by heart and stick to it more compulsory.

You can do kickboxing once in a week other time you can follow superset routine. Kickboxing works as cardio. Supersets you in saving time, its intense, burn fat, uplift heart beat and challenge your muscles constantly. You can search your workout in which you feel good and look forward to it. Conventional cardio or strength training may be the options for you.

Here we are going to tell you about supersets training for your whole body. The best part is to can do this routine in the home as well as in the gym.

Superset First:

1. Sumo squat (20 reps): In this target area are thigh, hips and entire leg muscles and great for the inner thighs.

2. Single Leg Lunge (15 reps each leg): This exercise needs ultimate balance, a little misbalance and wrong move hurt your leg muscles. Target areas are the thigh, hips and specially inner thighs

Superset Second:

1. Plank Row Push-up (15 reps): In this target area are chest, back, abs, shoulder and the whole upper body.

2. Deadlift and bent- over row (20 reps): Targeted muscles are lower back, hamstrings and core muscles. But you need to careful while performing this workout chest open, back straight and core tight.

Superset Third:

1. Chest press on Swiss Ball (15 reps): This exercise works on chest muscles, core muscles and shoulder muscles. You need to keep balance while doing this exercise.

2. Triceps dips with Swiss Ball (15 reps): This exercise works on triceps and core muscles. Same as above, you need to keep balance while doing this exercise.

Superset Forth:

1. Lunge and Shoulder Press (10 reps on each leg): This exercise works like an all-rounder on your legs and hands. Lunges work on the thigh, inner thigh, gluts, and hamstring. And shoulder press works on the shoulder, triceps and helps you avoid “grand maa arms”.

2. Round the Shoulder (20 reps): This exercise works on the shoulders, arms and back muscles.

Superset Fifth:

1. Crunch with legs extension (20 reps): This exercise target lower and upper abs and also helps with your lower back.

2. Spider man (20 reps): This exercise target on abs and arms and entire upper body.

3. Swiss ball Plank Rocks (20 reps): Plank in itself is a miracle workout. It focuses on abs, legs, arms and core muscles.

With all this you can also enjoy cardio interval training that burn your fat much faster like 20 minutes on treadmill or if the weather is awesome you can go for a jog. These sets build lean muscles, tone up your body, burn fat and uplift your strength and endurance.

Infact this superset schedule will go well with your busy schedule. Yes, this training may vary as per your own comfort. Stay fit, stay healthy!

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