Best Workout Routines For Women At Home

Physical exercise is extremely essential for physical fitness. It helps eradicating many cardiovascular diseases and most importantly obesity. Craze for fast food, working by sitting the whole day at office, all these factors lead to accumulation of unnecessary fats in our body. Especially people who mostly stay at home have the chances of developing severe health problems like joint pain, obesity, heart diseases and lack of body activeness i.e. laziness. Physical workout is indirectly linked to the self esteem of a person. Besides enthusiasm there are many more factors which are affected by daily exercises.

Mostly it is found that women staying at home gain more fat and become obese. It is a common concern and only dieting can never get the best fit result for your body. So let us look into it. How women staying at home can also remain fit and healthy.

Exercises and classification

  • Aerobics: These are the exercises which causes our body to use more oxygen than what is used when our body is at rest. Swimming, cycling, walking, skipping rope and playing tennis are some of the exercise under this category. It makes use of large number of body muscles and hence keeps our body fit if we do it regularly.
  • Anaerobic Exercises: These exercises help our body to stay fit and slim. It improves our bone and muscle strength. Push ups, weight training, curling biceps are some of the exercises which is treat for our body of  we wish to have a wonderful maintained figure.
  • Flexibility are some exercises which helps our body muscles to lengthen and improve joint flexibility.
    Other exercises include running on a treed-mill. You can do this even at your home without going to a gym.
  • If you want to shrink your waistline you can try this: use your left arm and left elbow to lift your body up. Then raise your hips until it forms a straight line with your ankles to your shoulders. Stay in the same position for 30 seconds. Do it on other side also.
  • To put a weight and lift on your entire body do the following: On all four allow your body to get down. Then place your hands, a little wider, on the floor. They should be in line with the shoulder. Close your feet together. Try to move down till your chest touches the ground and them push back yourself to the starting position. Make sure to lift your hips all the time.
  • You can tone your triceps and shoulders at home by using the weight lifts do reps. Do it more than 25 times. It is really very helpful for anyone’s body.
  • To work your quadriceps do step ups. Stand in front of a step and place your left leg on it. Press your feet and keep doing it till your left leg becomes totally straight. Repeat the same with your right leg.
  • Power yoga is another key to handy workouts at home. You people can do it in the morning. Take out 20 minutes time every day and practise yoga.

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