Bad Habit That Can Cause Persistent Back Pain

Bad Habit That Can Cause Persistent Back Pain:  

Our health is the most important gem that God has given us. If we didn’t have health we would have had no life, no friends nothing to do. So we need to take care of this precious gems. Our bones are the building blocks to keep our body standing straight. Out of all our back bone is the most essential. It is an integral part. But we often forget to take care of it and do what is required to keep out bones healthy. Problem in our bones especially the back bone can lead to various disabilities.

* Smoking is the root cause of several health issues. Many deadly diseases, most prominent being cancer is caused due to smoking. It also leads to osteoporosis. Along with all this smoking also leads to back pain. Very less people know about it, but this is true.

* Most commonly the bad habit, which is known to everyone but they rarely manage to stop it. This bad habit is slouching. Sitting in a wrong posture, in a slouched manner leads to strain on the back bone. This can lead to severe problem and can also give you a permanent slouched structure.

* People in office or at home, today everyone is busy surfing the internet. Can anyone even imagine a single day without internet? People using laptop, computers for a  long time tend to become slouched.

* Wrong sleeping position can also lead to body pain. If you sleep in a slightly miss aligned position there are chances that you will suffer from back pain. It can also lead to back stiffness.

* High concentration of stress also causes muscle tension.

* Back injuries often occur due to wrong way of lifting any heavy object.  When lifting a heavy object try to keep it close to  your body and bend your knees and lift the load on support of your legs. Avoid twisting of any body part, it can lead to strain in muscle.

* If you are overweight, back pain can be a problem for you. Try to exercise and lose weight. Because a heavy body pulls the centre of gravity of the body more towards forward and hence there is more strain on your back. Keep a healthy diet along with exercise. It can help you keep your weight under control.

* If your body lacks calcium and potassium, you can suffer from bone problems. Try to take calcium reach food to keep your bones strong. Or else it can lead to back pains.

* Never stop your working out activities due to back pain. This can even lead to more pain. As working out increases blood flow in the body. Your affected area will heal soon with the blood flow, reducing muscle tension.

The above mentioned points are just few of the common ways a person harms his back bone. So avoid practising any of them you do to keep your back bone healthy.  If health is lost once it can never come back. Suggest the same ways to your friends if anyone has got such habits and help the world stay healthy.

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