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7 Reasons Why Having Sex During Pregnancy Is Great For Your Health

7 Reasons Why Having Sex During Pregnancy Is Great For Your Health: Sex during pregnancy? A lot you us are not sure if its right to have sex during pregnancy , this has probably been due to the many myths that are related to this topic. Old wives tales will tell you that having sex

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Stains In Teeth

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Stains In Teeth: We are all looking for that brilliant dazzling smile a sign of health and beauty. However a lot of us are plagued with discolored tooth that is teeth that are stained yellow brown or black. Some of us may have yellow teeth since birth or after

The Wears Sign You Have Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a broad term that has been given to a number of cancers that arise from the skin or in medical terms the epithelium, the layer of tissue that covers all surfaces of our body from head to toe. There are some signs we all know to expect with skin cancer such as

5 Reasons Why Red Sandalwood Is Skin Friendly

What is Red Sandalwood Powder? Red sandalwood powder is derived from the bark of a variant of sandalwood tree that grows widely in the Indian subcontinent. Rubywood or Rakta Chandan is other names by which it is known. It is dark maroon in colour and is not aromatic like the white sandalwood powder. Benefits of

Hair Masks For Dandruff During Winters

Dandruff is a common skin condition characterized by dry itchy scalp you will also notice whitish flakes on your clothing. It can affect you all round the year however the problem becomes especially prominent during the winter months. Dandruff could be a source of social embarrassment as well as affect the quality of your hair.

Should You Get You Wisdom Teeth Removed?

What are wisdom teeth? A wisdom tooth is a common name for the last molars or the 3rd molars. These teeth are referred to as wisdom teeth as they erupt around the age of 17-21 yrs the age when we apparently become “wise” therefore the term wisdom teeth. There are 2 sets of 3rd molars

Does Exercise Really Fight Depression?

How does exercise relieve depression? Can exercise actually make you feel happy and fight depression? Well research suggests that it can. It is believed that exercise releases certain chemical mediators in our body which give us a feeling of euphoria; certain exercises involve group activities this social interaction could also have appositive influence on our

5 Healthy Indian Recipes That Diabetics Can Enjoy

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by a high blood sugar level. In medical terms it is referred to as diabetes mellitus. The disease occurs either due to the inability of the body to produce enough insulin a hormone that is required to digest sugar or because the body doesn’t respond to

How To Set Up A Home Yoga Studio

Plan you own personal yoga studio in your living room Yoga is a relaxing practice that helps heal you body and mind. However the hassle of traveling to a yoga studio and also the time in money spent in going to a yoga studio may not be everyone’s cup of tea. the comfort of practicing

Morning Sickness: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Home Remedies

Morning sickness is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy for a lot of women and could be a cause for considerable distress during your pregnancy. Morning sickness or nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy are referred to as nausea gravidarum in medical terms. For most women it will start around the 6th week of