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7 Reasons Why Eyes Are Blurry

Blurry vision is nothing but a visual disturbance which results in uneasiness in seeing clearly. There are many causes for blurry eyes and vision. Here we will explain 7 reasons why your eyes can be blurry. Reasons Why Eyes are Blurry 1. Visual Disturbances and Impairment Visual impairment interferes with your normal sight. There are

How Diet Soda Make You Fat?

There is no doubt that diet soda makes you fat. These days’ people think they can lose weight by substituting sugary drinks with diet drinks. This idea is false. This is the result of bad politics and marketing strategies by those who make these diet drinks. They have instilled in the minds of the common

How Your Drinking Habit Could Hurt Your Sperm?

Alcohol consumption has a lot of harmful effects on the health of a person. Regular consumption of alcohol affects the heart and liver in particular. It has a lot of other repercussions as well. One of those repercussions includes the fertility of male. Yes, drinking can hurt the quality of sperm in men. Researchers conducted

How Much Protein Should I Eat To Lose Weight?

Intake of protein is a very important factor in the process of losing weight. Quality protein in your diet can influence your metabolic rate. This influences weight loss in a positive manner. This article will help you to decide how much protein you need per day in your system in order to decrease your weight.

The Weird Science Behind Why We Cry

Men, women and children, everyone cries. Have you ever wondered why we cry? There is obviously some science behind this emotion. An interesting theory is surely present and waiting for us to know about it. We human beings are an extra ordinary machine. We show a lot of different emotions in a span of few

5 Tips To Have The Perfect First Kiss

First kiss is a very important part of a person’s love life. Everyone guy or girl in a relationship dreams of making his or her first kiss as memorable and perfect as possible. It is said that first kisses are a make or break affair. If someone hasn’t experienced a first kiss yet, the challenge

Inspiring Veteran Fitness Success Stories

There are lot of inspiring fitness stories. Many veterans have transformed from being unfit to being completely fit within a span of few years just by following some healthy habits. Here we are going to share a few stories of veterans who have become fit. These stories will be very inspiring to you because they

How Much Water Should I Drink To Lose Weight

Who would have thought water can be useful even for losing weight. Drinking an ample quantity of water daily helps to reduce weight effectively and efficiently. Studies have shown that one can lose weight with the luxury of his or her kitchen sink. There is no need of hitting the gym every day and working