A 10-Second Kiss Transfers 80 Million Bacteria!

A 10-Second Kiss Transfers 80 Million Bacteria:

Agreeing to some researchers, as many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during a 10 second kiss. It is still stated that couples who kiss more than 7 times a day, tend to apportion the same community of oral bacteria. Our body consists of an ecosystem of around 100 trillion microorganisms. These microorganisms are useful for digestion in our physical structure. It depends upon the age, diet, and genetics of a person, these microorganisms have different forms. Thus immediately when your mouth also works like a host to over 700 kinds of bacteria, bacterial ecosystem in our torso is affected by this too.

A study was managed and the kissing habits of the people were considered. Agreeing to a survey, couples who kissed intimately at higher frequency tend to suffer the similar salivary micro biota and the couple who kiss nine times a day tend to share salivary micro biota significantly. Intimate kissing is common in almost 90 % cultures all across the world. It involves full saliva exchange and  tongue touch. It is a courtship behaviour and is common to all mankind. At present the surveys have only concerned with the role of microbial, there are no significant researches in the area of effects kissing on human’s microbiotal. Major works  have only concerned with the couples who kiss more how far is their oral microbial related to each other’s.

To  be more specific with the research, scientists studied couples out of which any one spouse was supposed to deliver a probiotic drink beforehand, containing bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. After an intimate kiss, when the couples were studied, it was establish that the number of bacteria in the receiver’s mouth was increased to three times. And the ending was drawn that a ten second kiss can transfer approx 80 million bacteria. The concerns about oral microbiotal bacteria is affected by many more properties and not only kiss. These varied properties include lifestyle, personal care and dietary habits, kiss is just a particular instance of oral microbial.

Some surveys also demonstrate that sharing the same toothpaste as well leads to same microbial ecosystem in two people’s mouths. However, bacteria transferred through kissing isn’t harmful in any room. At least no studies have demonstrated it yet. Instead the bacteria in the human physical structure are sometimes a boon for health. Every bit we experience many of the bacteria present in our body are good for digestion, they are beneficial for many other things besides. Bussing is a natural phenomenon and any general case you must have never heard of any person falling sick of kissing.

Thus people, do not think of it as a taboo or a serious health hazard. It is rather good for your health and relationship too. The bacteria transferred through it are some the most essential ones and harmless also. Scientists are still researching on this point wither there are any other things to be noted in the process or not, but they are sure that there none such harmful after-effects of kissing.

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