8 Easy Ways To Boost Sperm Quality And Count

8 Easy Ways To Boost Sperm Quality And Count:

If you want to know what healthy sperms are ? The answer is that sperms should be abundant with at least 15 million sperm cells in one milliliter of semen sample. They look normal in shape and structure. They also have their motility intact. If any one of these qualities is missing, then the sperm is considered unhealthy. Unhealthy sperms lower your sexual drive and render you impotent. All of these issues are directly linked with male sexuality. So, in order to prevent deterioration, of your healthy sperms.

You should know the key steps to boost your sperm count band quality:

• You have to eat right. This will keep your fertility intact. Unhealthy junk food has ill effects on your reproductive system. This is the reason behind more and more men suffering from erectile dysfunction and infertility. A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fibre can work wonders. It will keep your reproductive health intact.

• The sperm quality starts degrading with age. However, if you keep yourself active while you are young, you will keep the sexual problems at bay as you age. Being either too fat or too thin also has an effect on the level of testosterone, loss of sexual desires and poor erections. Exercise regularly and lose weight if you are obese. Too much of indulgence in exercise is also not desirable. It has an impact on your fertility. Keep exercise moderate.

• Heavy consumption of alcohol can lead to infertility in men. Secretion of testosterone is lowered if you drink more than one every day. This hormone is crucial for healthy production of sperms and increase in libido. Alcohol can alter the structure of your sperms and make them immotile.

• Quit smoking if you want healthy sperms. Smoking increases cadmium in your semen this can damage the DNA of your sperms. Thus killing and reducing them.

• Recreational drugs like cocaine and marijuana have been linked with sexual problems like infertility. It leads to lowering of seminal fluid production and lowered supply of blood to the penis, inferior quality of sperms and low sperm count.

• Avoid stress at all costs. A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body. All your bodily functions will get affected along with your sexual organs. If your stress hormones are high in your blood, it will lower the sperm count. It will effect sperm production and also the quality of sperms.

• Unsafe sex can lead to the chances of sexually transmitted diseases and these directly have an effect on the production of sperms and motility.

• Studies have shown that increased exposure to heat can lower the sperm count. If you are planning to be a father in the near future, you should stay away from hot showers, Jacuzzis, and hot bathtubs. These can obstruct your testicles and prevent the healthy release of sperms, if you use them over a prolonged period.

Take precautions before it is too late. It is important to keep yourself fit to have healthy and abundant sperms.

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