7 Top Fruits That Guarantee Weight Loss

7 Top Fruits That Guarantee Weight Loss:

When you are on a weight loss plan, you should know which fruits will accentuate weight loss. There are some fruits that are extremely sweet. The sugar in them gets converted to fat easily. But there are fruits that can burn fat. When you add more of such fruits in your diet, you can attain weight loss.

Let us examine the fruits that can actually burn fat and help the dieters:

• Avocado- It is loaded with Omega 9 fatty acids. They speed the process of fat conversion into energy and rev up your metabolism.

• Coconut- This fruit is loaded with medium chain triglycerides which speeds the metabolism rate of the liver by up to 30%. They help to keep you full, so that you do not do binge eating on junk food. Coconut oil helps in the smooth functioning of the thyroid glands. Coconut oil, shredded coconut, coconut flour are all loaded with MCFAs.

• Lemons- It is a excellent detoxifier of the liver. It alkalizes your body tissues and fluids. The liver should be in good condition to help the body digest and also to burn fat.

• Grape fruit- Several studies have established that this fruit is an excellent weight loss food. Those women who took grapefruit regularly lost weight without making significant changes to their diet or lifestyle.

• Tomatoes- It is rich in VitaminC and the phytochemical lycopene. Tomatoes stimulate the amino acid production which is known as carnitine. It speeds up the capacity of the body to burn fat by one third.

• Berries- These are the highest in fiber fruits. These are ideal food for weight loss. Raspberries, blackberries have a high fiber content. In a 100 calorie serving these two berries have fiber content of 8 grams and 7.6 grams respectively.

• Papaya- This fruit has nutritional benefits and is rich in fiber and minerals. It is good to have papaya everyday for the weight watchers.

• Oranges- This fruit is loaded with vitamin C. It also acts as a detoxifying and cleansing agent of the body. When your body is flushed out of toxins, you will be losing weight and feeling fitter and better.

It is suggested, that you must give this fruit diet a try if you are unable to lose weight. Having fruits everyday detoxifies your system and keeps you fit and slim. However, staying only on a fruit diet is advised only for a short period. Take other foods along with fruits after some time. It is ideal to have fresh fruits in lieu of juice. Have low calorie fruits to get the desired result. Fruits are detoxifying agents. They will cleanse the body of toxins and make you feel good. You will feel satiated, slimmer and fitter. All your urge to gorge on junk food will go away and you will look good and feel better. You will be proud of your achievement. Cheers to the new you.

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