7 Drinks You Should Never Drink Again

7 Drinks You Should Never Drink Again:

Everyone desires a healthy body and for getting into the expected shape we lean forward to various body toning techniques which might get into the gym or workout schedule or re-planning your diet. For a healthy diet as well, we cannot ignore the importance of drinks because mostly they give the required amount of moisture content which avoids our body getting dry. Some special drinks are also rich in specific nutritional content so they fulfill the requirement of respective nutritional value.

But have you ever heard that a drink can also affect your body in return and can take you way away about your dream of attaining a healthy physical structure. Yes, you heard it right, even if the drinks not taken properly can harm your body in return. Here we are going to list down some of those which we have studied as part of our observation and sharing with you. So here the list goes:

1. Iced Tea: Iced tea is the most favorite drink for the sweet lovers and it adds special attraction due to its chilled serving. The traditional tea is served hot, but now iced tea has ice cubes with the sweetness of the real tea. As per the studies the iced tea is extra rich in sugar that can adversely affect your overall metabolism. As per the figures on an average iced tea contains around 250 calories per serving and almost 60 gm of sugar in a single serve. So now you calculate if you are addicted to the sweet, cool taste, how much sugar you are consuming during a whole day.

2. Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate is in trends nowadays. We all are already aware what are the consequences hot chocolate have on our body. A hot chocolate contains 22 gm of saturated fat and 80-85 gm of sugar, which is exceptionally dangerous for a person concerning about the healthy heart.

3. Healthy Drinks: Today our media broadcasts hundreds of advertisements about the healthiest energy drinks, which highlights their brands saying that they are enriching the vitamin and mineral contents of water with their extra refine process. Be aware of such brands because they add more than average concentration of sugar to make it sweet and tasty.

4. Vitamin Water /Powerade: Trust the fact that there is nothing pure and beneficial more than the real water when we talk about the vitamin water and purified water. All that is the business process to attract the customers. So be aware about it.

5. Milkshake: Milkshakes falls under the category of liquid deserts and considered equivalent to the normal cake slice because in terms of calories, it holds around 800-1000 calories and carries 70-80 gm of sugar.

6. Processed Smoothies: Processed smoothies are added to our diet chart because we think they are filling our needs of fruits, vegetables, minerals and vitamins but the term processed make them dangerous to consume. Lot more chemicals and preservatives are used to make them look fresh for a long time.

7. Soda: Lastly, we are talking about the soda, which contains nearly 40 gm of sugar and phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid weakens our bones because of the calcium decay and tooth erosion.

I think this whole will make you to think at-least twice before you opt to choose any of these once again. So, wisely make choice for yourself and your body, don’t be fooled by any attractive advertisement or discount scheme.

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