6 Tips For Foot Care In Winter

 6 Tips For Foot Care In Winter:

During winter season, people should very cautious about their skin and physical health. Several people have a tendency of getting cracks in their skin layers especially on feet. If you don’t care about that, these will make severe problems. Many people tend to bleed along with crack heals, so foot care tips are very important in winter. Even if you are willing to wear beautiful footwear according to your desire, these cracked heals will get you nowhere. Therefore, it is important to keep extra care of your feet during winter season comes. These 6 foot care tips for winter season will be helpful to you.

1.Using socks: By using socks, we have to keep your feet protected from harsh weather. Just after winter hats and gloves, socks are also equally important. If your skin near the heels get wet, this can easily soften your tissue on the feet and make it more likely towards skin trauma. Even, blisters, cuts and abrasions are quite common in this situation. There is also a risk of frostbite, if individuals are exposed to the extreme climate without any protection. Thus, using socks for both male and female during the winter days is good habit.

2.Getting Arch support: It is moderately common for women to go through the pregnancy or post pregnancy periods. Weight gain is quite a common procedure. In such a situation, getting strains in arches is quite common. Arch support is an important consideration, so quickly a lady gains extra weights, strains on arches can be a common factor. This becomes very severe when winter arrives. You must add some arch supports into your shoes to obtain an excellent coverage. There are many branded shoes available in the market that is backed with the arch support.

 3.Shoes according to needs: Special shoes are manufactured during the winter seasons to keep your feet cozy and warm. It is comfortable to wear slippers. But say goodbye to them this season! Make sure that you wear thick shoes. If you can wear boots, then nothing like that. So make sure that your feet are well protected. Cold wind blowing outside must not touch your feet. Thus, you must select the shoes according to your needs. Maintaining your warm and cozy must be one of an important objective during winter season. If your feet is very sensitive and are prone to injuries, it is important to choose the right type of shoe according to your need.

4.Moisturizing: Before moisturizing your skin, dip you water in hot water for 10 minutes. It relaxes your feet, and you would feel good after a long and tiring day at work. Make sure that you moisturize your skin at least 3- 4 times a day. It makes you feet look fresh and healthy. If you think that people do not notice your feet, you got that wrong! So make sure that moisturizing is an integral part of your foot care tips in winter

 5.Regular Pedicure: It is essential for you to get into a habit of weekly or fortnightly pedicures at good, professional parlors, especially during the winter seasons. It is most likely that dead skin will appear on your ankles and you may get chapped ankles. In this cases you shall get a pedicure so that your feet are soft and lively. If you are not able to afford the professional help, then you can also do it yourself at home. You can soak your feet in water with hydrogen peroxide mixed in it. After a few minutes scrub the dead skin and soak it again. Clip the nails and file them and them moisture your feet for a smooth soft skin.
6.Peel Masks: Just like your face, even your feet require the some peel masks. Use the peel masks available in the market which contain glycolic acid. This helps to remove the dead skin cells or the cracked skin. Apply the mask and wear your booties for whole feet. Then rinse off your feet and get smooth and softer feet.

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