5 Things a Guy Never Wants to Hear in Bed

5 Things A Guy Never Wants To Hear In Bed:

5 Things a Guy Never Wants to Hear in Bed

Having a night with the your love, and do love making is something that everyone wants. But sometimes girls need to be very careful about what they are taking because her carelessness will totally spoil the moment of his sexual desire. Your few words lead him towards embarrassment and makes him uncomfortable. Obviously our mouth and brain are totally not demanded during love making. All you need is pure feeling of divine love and rejoice of  divine  vibes. Love making is one of those things that a couple never forgets to do their they have a  good time, bad time or even worse time but people keep loving each other. Sex is a biggest stress buster  and feel good material. It helps you to forget your tension. So ladies, if you want to give your husband and boyfriend a blissful night and want him to realize his tension so please be careful before making any statement and please totally forget about the following statement:

1. Mentioning your Ex: Many of us have a past, if you have also so please don’t compare your present with your past. May be its possible that your Ex is giving you more pleasure than right now than also girls please be careful before mentioning your Ex because it’s a human tendency to hate partners Ex. So be wise if you want to be happy with your partner because right now only he can give you pleasure not yours Ex.

2. M I Beautiful?: Whole feminine cast love to listen appreciation, so we can understand you also like it to. Then also ladies, please stop asking this on the bed time. Yes, dear, you are the most beautiful girl for him, that’s why he’s loving you and want your love equally. He loves you the most that’s why he is trying to give you a pleasurable night. And yes, please don’t forget to have a pleasant love making makes you more beautiful and blushing.

3. Relationship Status: Bed time is the that time of the 24 hours, where a man prefers action more than your thoughts or words. Men during love making do not want to listen or talk about future projections and updates. It has two reasons, firstly it shows that right now you are not interested or involving in the activity. Secondly, self guilt of forcing you to do such without a good feel, but he can’t even stop himself right now. So please girl involve yourself in love making, this itself make your future relation bright.

4. Different Position: Yes it’s good to try different positions, but you don’t require to try every if and then position. All you need to try only those positions which makes you feel better and helps you in better love making. You both are not yoga experts or having the most flexible body, you do sex only to show your love and makes your body happy.

5. Is it in?: Several guys, because of porn, feel low esteem. Because they don’t big organ as the hero of porn do have. Then they also try their best to make you happy and gives you a pleasurable night. Be satisfied whatever they have. Don’t crush their self-respect and self confidence.

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