4 Reasons To Avoid Low Carb Diet

4 Reasons To Avoid  Low Carb Diet:

4 Reasons To Avoid Low Carb DietA low carb and high protein diet is advocated by most dieticians, however, before you start with such a diet, it is important to consider a few facts. There are few reasons as to why this diet is derogatory to good health.

Low carb diets eliminate the stores of healthy glycogen from your muscles and liver. You tend to dehydrate in the first two weeks of this diet. Your weight will come down owing to muscle loss and dehydration. Others mistake it as fat loss.

Shortage of muscle glycogen makes you tired. It becomes difficult to exercise or move about. Your basal metabolic rate goes down. This indicates that fewer calories are burnt throughout the day.

When you are on a low carb and high protein diet, you tend to regain lost weight easily. This is mainly because you have lost muscle; this implies that regaining weight will be easier and fast.

It is not feasible to maintain this low carb diet for long. Eating excessive fat is unhealthy. It has been found that a low carb diet high protein diet , individuals have developed low blood pressure, decreased cholesterol levels and lower triglycerides. But a high protein diet does not give these results.

When the consumption of animal proteins increase, there is a high risk of heart attack, kidney stones, certain cancers etc. Fat has to be in moderation in your diet.

In a low carb diet , weight reduction is easy as people are eating fewer calories. The same thing can be practised in a healthy diet. Low carb diets do not have much needed fiber. This makes you susceptible to some cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Low carb diets, do not have adequate quantities of many nutrients, antioxidants found in fruit, phytonutrients, vegetables, whole grain and legumes. All these elements present in food eliminates cancer and keeps you free from heart ailments. It is a common fallacy that animal products contain protein. There is ample quantity of proteins in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes as well.

Low carb and high protein diet leads to an unhealthy state of health called Ketosis. It is a kind of metabolic acidosis. In order to burn fat effectively, and without the production of ketones, carbohydrate is needed in sufficient quantity. Ketosis can cause serious health hazards.

In conclusion, it may be stated that though low carb diet appears very effective as it leads to prompt weight loss. It is detrimental to health. High fat diet is often accompanied with a low carb diet. It is ideal to go for a healthy diet and reduce portions of the food consumed by you. It is of no use if you regain the lost weight soon. All your efforts will go waste and your morale will come down. Consult a dietician who can give you a proper diet that has both vegetables and animal proteins. The diet should not be lop sided. It should give equal emphasis to all the vital nutrients present in food required to maintain your health.

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