3 Healthy Oils To Try Instead Of Olive Oil

Oils To Try Instead Of Olive Oil3 Healthy Oils To Try Instead Of Olive Oil:

There is a maxim that says” HEALTH IS WEALTH”. In order to achieve a robust health, you need to have a balanced diet. Exercise is also a must at least five days in a week. A healthy diet not only helps you to have a healthy body, it does wonders to your skin and makes you look younger and vibrant.

A few tips to eliminate excess fat from your diet. The medium of cooking has to be in oils that are low in fat content. Omega –three fish oils can be consumed as they are great for the skin. It secures the skin from wrinkles and also balances its oils. You can try to have capsules of fish oil every day. It will act as an anti–aging element for your skin naturally. They are said to be a perfect moisturizer for the skin. You will get a wrinkle free glowing skin.

Among the healthy oils, apart from olive oil, mention must be made of walnut oil, coconut oil and almond oil. Of late Macadamia oil is also an addition in the category of healthy oils. It has the biggest concentration of mono-saturated fat  85% ,this oil is also good for the skin, it makes it supple. This oil is rich in vitamin E and has an antioxidant called squalene. This protects the skin from ultra violet rays.

Coconut oil is also another healthy cooking medium. Coconut oil contains a coconut fat called lauric acid, which has anti-microbial properties that can fortify the immune system.

Grape seed oil has a nutty flavour. It is ideal for cooking as it does not burn as fast as other cooking oils. It has anti-oxidant properties. Grape seed oil remains in the body for almost three days and the body is benefitted from its long stay. This oil maintains the flexibility of the arteries. It is ideal for your heart. It can lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good one. This oil is good for your eyes, skin and hair.

You should be aware of the properties of the oils you are using either as a medium for cooking or consuming it in the form of capsules or in salad dressings. It is vital for maintaining good health. Olive oil is also good. But there are oils having qualities superior to olive oil. Do not stick only to one oil. Keep changing oils to reap greater health benefits.

It is important that you know about the composition of the oils that are on the shelves of your grocery shop. Trans fat is bad for your heart. You should be cautious that in no way you or your family is consuming it. This can be avoided if you are open to accept other oils for consumption and cooking. You can consult your dietician or your physician to know more about healthy oils. For example, you can try extra virgin oil instead of a normal one as it is very good for health.

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