10 Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking

10 Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking:

10 Health Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Saying a big no to smoking is a task of Do or Die. Stop smoking is not that easy as it looks like. One who smokes only knows the pain and efforts it will take to leave it. Numerous sleepless nights, annoying feelings, mental stress, controlling itself includes lots of pain. But after life is superb, you feel proud of do this and others also appreciate you for leaving this bad habit. So if you want to quit it, but do not feel any requirement of leaving it then we are going to give you reasons for leaving it. So that you will make you mind and desire much strong then now.

1. Feel the Pleasure: You may be good enough in bed to fascinate your partner or make him feel “good to have you besides him”. But if you’re a non- smoker then you charm him 5 times better then now. Discontinue smoking uplifts the blood circulation in the body and increase sensitivity. Men’s who quit smoking have better erection and women’s have better orgasms. And partners feels like staying for a long time with you.

2. Having a Baby: After giving a sufficient time to your career every men and women wants to enjoy parenthood. But unfortunately, smoker have a tough time regarding being a parents. Smoking reduces your fertility. Being a non-smoker, you will have this happiness very soon. Stop smoking revamp the lining of womb in a women and sperm quality and count in men. Non-smoker easily gets pregnant and enjoys motherhood.

3. Skin Needs It: Yes, you read it your skin needs it too. When you smoke, during inhale repeatedly you do a single movement of face. That movement stretches your face and skin, this leads to a faster ageing and wrinkles on your face. When you stop smoking, this process of ageing itself slow down and make you feel young.

4. Sparkling Teeth: Now your teeth gets yellow and your smile get fed away because of this smoking habit. But you still have a chance to gain a sparkling white smile to impress others. One additional benefit you also have, that is of fresh breath which attracts those people also who stay away due to this bad breath.

5. Feel Free: People who often feel problem in breathing because of conjunction. Conjunction is normal in every smoker. But if you quit smoking your lungs improves by 10 to 15% within a span of nine month. In the age of 20s or 30s, effects of smoking are hidden but later on you feel something. If you want a healthy old age you need to quit it soon.

6. Live Long: 50% long term smokers, surrounded by many diseases like lung cancer or chronic bronchitis at the age 40s or 50s. Person who quits smoking   at 30s sum up 10 years in his life and one who quits smoking at 60s sum up 3 years in their life. It not only increase the no. of years but also gives you happy-go-lucky old age

7. Stress Become Out: When you are in the process of stop smoking, you feel irritation, headache. Please guys see the brighter side; this pain is for small period of time but after quitting when this feeling of craving became zero. Now, you feel more stress free then before when to smoke to remove stress.

8. Filled with Energy: Within 3 to 12 weeks of quitting, you feel more energy in you by improving your blood circulation. Now you feel an ease while performing any physical activity like walking, running etc. less cough and cold, less dizziness, less headaches and strong immune are also its benefits.

9. Love your Loved One: As you know passive smoking or second-hand smoking is more danger then active smoke. Because in passive smoking lungs disease bacteria and virus become also active with the smoke fumes. It increases the chances of heart stroke, lung cancer, chest problem, ear infection and many more other problems.  

Stop smoking, stay healthy, and feel fresh!

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