10 Amazing Reasons To Date A Short Girl

10 Amazing Reasons To Date A Short Girl:

10 Amazing Reasons To Date A Short Girl

Short and petite females are considered pretty and cute. There are men who find them very attractive. Their heart melts easily in the company of such beautiful and short women.

Let us examine the 10 amazing reasons men want to date short girls:

• Winning play fights – she will never possibly know that every time you let her win. As you are bigger, you can throw her over your shoulder. In the bed on a Sunday morning, you can balance her on both feet in the air and make her feel like a superwoman.

• She will need you – though she is a strong woman, yet she will need you as she is vertically challenged. If you are living together, you will find it cute when she is unable to reach the sugar container on the top of the shelf.

• It’s not awkward kissing them – it is a nice experience to kiss a girl shorter than you rather than of the same height or taller.

• When she is angry she can’t strike you in the face while you are standing.

• She will eat more than you can contemplate. Initially she will eat less on the first date. But as the relationship progresses, you will find that she eats more than you do. You will be awestruck.

• She is very cute and all your conflicts will be solved or can be worse as you will laugh at her.

• Short girls are passionate- they are emotionally passionate about all of their causes. It may be the environment, animals or you.

• They are self conscious- they are conscious about their short height and other physical attributes in comparison to taller girls. So you have to constantly keep reminding them that they are beautiful. They will love you for it and you will feel elated.

• Short girls have a short torso and long legs. You will love to cuddle them sitting in a couch.

• If she has driven your truck and kept it a secret. You will know it at once as the seat, the mirror and the steering wheel has been adjusted. Not to mention the fuel tank, this will be empty.

Above mentioned are the 10 amazing reasons why you should date a short girl. You will see for yourself short girls are sweet and look like pretty dolls. Staying and being in a relationship with them will make you feel complete. You will feel good in this relationship. Short girls also love dating tall men. It makes them feel secure. They don’t feel vulnerable. They enjoy the company of tall men. It is indeed a good idea to date short girls. They are light, can be easily lifted and you will enjoy doing so. Girls also enjoy being lifted off their feet. They look forward to pampering of this kind. Go ahead. Date a short girl and enjoy the privileges your height has bestowed on you.

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